Dr. Cohen wouldn’t do my facial rejuvenation when I wanted surgery. He told me to wait a few years so the effects would be noticeable. The other surgeons I saw had me booked for a procedure the following week. I waited, and I’m glad I did. For me, an ethical approach and evaluation is as important as the surgeon’s skills and credentials.

I didn’t feel like I was a name in a scheduling book. I felt like a member of his family. Everyone was so nice and cared about me so much. They still call a year later to see how I’m doing.

The effects of gravity constantly pulled at my aging neck and jowls. Making the decision to correct my problem was very difficult. Dr. Cohen appreciated all of my questions and answered them thoroughly. He was honest and prepared me for the procedure and the results. I felt he understood and cared about my anxiety and fears.

I have a very public life. The last thing I wanted to go public with was plastic surgery. Dr. Cohen and his staff know that privacy is crucial.

I was never comfortable or happy with my breasts. My feelings and concerns were handled with the utmost sensitivity.

A nose that bothered me for thirty six years took Dr. Cohen just two hours to fix! His computer imaging and my input allowed us to jointly agree upon a surgical plan. I wish I had done this years ago.

Best Plastic Surgeon in Maryland & Virginia

Servicing Washington DC, Rockville, McLean, Bethesda, Columbia, Annapolis, and Baltimore areas.

Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in the United States and trends have specifically shown an increase in cosmetic or aesthetic surgery. Plastic surgery has not only changed and reshaped the way people appear, but has also led to an increase in reported confidence and self-esteem among those who undergo successful procedures. Choosing the right plastic surgeon is a critical part of the process which can determine both success of the surgery and the patient’s overall satisfaction. Finding a surgeon who is qualified, highly trained, and experienced is not only crucial to best results, but is also critical to one’s safety. It is not surprising that so many people interested in plastic surgery turn to Dr. Cohen.

Dr. Barry Cohen, M.D., P.C. is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a fully trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon with particular interest in cosmetic surgery. With a broad educational background and vast expertise and experience, Dr. Cohen is the address for plastic surgery in Maryland and the DC metropolitan area. Dr. Cohen’s offices are known for state-of-the-art facilities, excellence in doctor-patient communication, and outstanding availability and care for patients. Dr. Cohen is part of the Washington Plastic Surgery Group.

While many plastic surgeons specialize in narrow areas of surgery, Dr. Cohen’s extensive experience and training has allowed for specialization in various areas of plastic surgery. Amongst which, he is popularly turned to for facial procedures, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

Facial Procedures: With skill and precision, Dr. Cohen combines both the art and the science of facial plastic surgery including everything from rhinoplasty, brow lift, fat transfer, face lift, otoplasty, chin/jaw augmentation, blepharoplasty, and facial rejuvenation. Dr. Cohen does 90% of his face lifts under local anesthesia which reduces post operative complications. Dr. Cohen takes on this challenging work together with the patient to achieve the look that the patient desires, understanding the profound impact of facial surgery on one’s appearance.

Breast Augmentation: According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation is the second most commonly performed procedure in the United States. Breast augmentation involves placing an implant to enlarge, reshape, or balance breast shape or size. Dr. Cohen works closely with patients to determine both implant type as well as best incision technique to minimize scar visibility. Breast augmentation is done in Dr. Cohen’s outpatient plastic surgery facility in Rockville, MD.

Liposuction: The most popular aesthetic surgery, liposuction, or suction assisted lipectomy to remove unwanted fat deposits, is a specialty in body contouring. Dr. Cohen’s vast experience with liposuction reduces risks and complications in this procedure, a concern raised by many patients. Dr. Cohen’s use of the tumescent technique, an innovative and relatively new technique, has shaped his work in the liposuction specialty, strategically lowering blood loss and working under mild sedation. As a cutting-edge plastic surgeon, Dr. Cohen is always striving to use the most advanced techniques to ensure maximum success with minimum risk. Dr. Cohen practices in his Rockville and Annapolis, Maryland offices and in the Mclean, Virginia office. He is known to be a top plastic surgeon in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Metro DC regions.

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