Juvederm Volbella

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Juvederm Volbella

Juvederm Volbella is one of the latest innovations in injectable filler that plumps your lips and adds definition to the border.  Full, contoured lips are an essential part of a feminine, youthful look. With age, the lip border can become less distinct, and slowly, fine lines, radiating outward from the lips, may develop. Traditionally, lip augmentation has been used to improve the shape of the lips, but the long-term commitment means the surgical procedure is not for everyone. More recently, various lip injections, while successful, cannot always bring the desired aesthetic results.

Juvederm Volbella® is an injectable filler, designed specifically for the lips and peri-oral area. In only minutes, the noninvasive treatment can shape the lips for a luscious pout. The plumping power of Volbella® will also fill in frustrating lip lines, sometimes referred to as ‘smoker’s lines’, providing a younger appearance, as well as reducing the tendency for lipstick bleeding.

Benefits of Juvederm Volbella®:

  • Plump and contour lips
  • Lasts for up to 1 year
  • Results seen immediately
  • Eliminate fine lines (Smoker’s Lines) around the lips
  • Define lip shape and border
  • Balance asymmetrical lips
  • Enhance the Cupid’s Bow, or indentation, above the top lip
  • Comes with Lidocaine making injections much more comfortable

Volbella® is an innovative dermal filler, utilizing Juvederm’s cutting-edge Vycross® technology. The super smooth filler means easy injections and unsurpassed results. Volbella® is made from hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance that creates structure within the tissues by increasing hydration. Over time, the HA boosts the body’s production of collagen, meaning long-lasting results. Juvederm Volbella® can bring beautiful lips that last up to 12 months.

Procedures are performed by Dr. Barry Cohen, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with great interest in cosmetic surgery. Procedures conducted in Rockville MD, and McLean, VA.