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DermabrasionDermabrasion can take two forms. Dermabrasion is an old technique which is used to treat both scars from acne or trauma as well as fine wrinkling. Its use for treatment of fine wrinkling has been supplanted by most of the lasers and topical chemical agents. It still has a place for the treatment of scars, however, since it is an excellent tool for rounding out depressed or elevated scars. Dermabrasion has similar effects in increasing collagen and elastin as the carbon dioxide laser, erbium laser and chemical peels. It is less controlled as the depth of penetration is a function of how hard the surgeon pushes on the dermabrader, the length of time the dermabrader is in any one place, and the quality of one’s skin. Most doctors no longer use dermabrasion on a regular basis. The risks of dermabrasion can be depigmentation, infection, scarring and persistent redness.

Procedures are performed by Dr. Barry Cohen, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with great interest in cosmetic surgery. Procedures conducted in Rockville MD, and McLean, VA.