Fat Transfer

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Fat TransferFat Injections

The term fat injection and fat transfer refer to the procedure of transfering fat from one area of your body and injecting it into another area of your body. The procedure for transfering fat to the face is great for men and women who have lost volume in their face. As we age, the fat and collagen in our face break down and thin which causes the skin to develop lines, wrinkles and generally makes the skin appear to sag and look hollow. The goal of the injections is to add lifting through fullness and give the face a more youthful and sculpted appearance. This procedure is gaining in popularity as an alternative to a surgical face lift and to facial fillers. Typical areas treated are the cheeks and nasolabial folds.

This procedure can be done in the office under local anesthesia in usually under an hour depending on the number of areas treated. The face has good blood circulation, capillaries and larger blood vessels so the injected fat cells can form their own blood supply and be viable. The injected area is typically over treated to compensate for any reabsortion of fat back into the body. It is possible that the patient may need to come back to the office for a touch up procedure.

Recovery Time

Initial bruising and swelling may last up to one week and swelling will continue to improve over the following two weeks. Areas treated may be sore for several days.

Procedures are performed by Dr. Barry Cohen, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with great interest in cosmetic surgery. Procedures conducted in Rockville MD, and McLean, VA.