Computer Imaging

Along with advances in cosmetic surgical techniques have come improvements in plastic surgeons' abilities to communicate with their patients. One tool for aiding in such communication has been new computer hardware and software that allows a physician to photograph a patient and modify their image on the computer screen.

By doing so, a surgeon can show a patient an image of a reasonable outcome of a cosmetic procedure. It also gives a patient the opportunity to show a doctor what they like and dislike about their current features or a proposed outcome. Our office now uses a new state of the art computer imaging system which is part of your complimentary initial consultation!

Come and let our computer and your imagination take the first step to the creation of the new you.

First, the use of the computer image helps to alleviate both current and proposed unrealistic self images that a patient may harbor.

Second, by using the computer it can be demonstrated to the patient what can and cannot be done surgically, and in some cases show how cosmetic surgery may not be in the patient's best interest.

Preoperative Computer Imaging

Most importantly, computer video imaging involves the patient in planning the surgery, an aspect all too frequently missing from many cosmetic surgery preoperative consultations.